Discover The Power of My Secret Formula for Making Money Online

Many people love the idea of working from home and earning a nice income with some type of online business. Most never get started because it can be a bit overwhelming when you start researching all the different opportunities.


It’s tough to know where to start. It’s easy to get caught up in buying lots and lots of “how to make money online” products and never stick with anything long enough to see results. But with my secret formula it’s a lot easier than you think (more on that below)!

With the popularity of blogs, many people grab on to that idea and think they can throw up some content on Blogger or Tumblr and become rich and famous or become the next Perez Hilton.

They quickly find out it’s more complicated than that and they give up before they see any real results. And that’s a shame because it is a great idea and it can be done with a little hard work and the right tools to make things easier.

While the search engines like Google are constantly changing their ranking criteria and algorithms, setting up sites for organic search traffic, combined with Google Adsense for site monetization is still a fantastic income opportunity. It just has to be approached differently than in the past.

So below, we’re going to discuss the two secrets for real success with Adsense web sites, great site design and high quality content, and my two favorite tools for both of them!

It used to be you could crank out ugly sites using software, designed to get clicks on Adsense ads, and put really bad content on the site, with lots of keywords in it. The search engines became loaded with content that was basically junk but still got rankings and made lots of money.

The search engines had to make changes because if they kept ranking these junky sites, people wouldn’t use the search engines anymore and they’d go out of business!

So the search engines have gotten a lot smarter and those tricks don’t work anymore. And that’s okay, because this means an even bigger opportunity for the people that approach things the right way. Adsense sites are still a viable online money making model.

You could also use automated software to generate lots and lots of low quality links. Combine that with software generated, low quality content and you could make money. Not now.

Now, it’s about things like quality links from the right sites, a well structured site and high quality content that users enjoy that are the keys to a successful Adsense site.

The search engines even pay attention to things like social signals. Social signals are simply things like whether a web site page gets lots of Facebook ?likes? or ?shares?, does it get pinned on Pinterest, or lots of Google Plus One’s or mentions on Twitter?

The engines also look at how much time is spent on a web site and how many pages the visitors check out while they are there. In order to take advantage of this, your site needs two very important things, a good high quality design and great content!

The two keys to Adsense site success are the CTR Theme for WordPress and a writing service called

The CTR Theme is a WordPress theme designed specifically to generate income from Adsense ads. It’s neatly coded and loads fast, two important qualities for the search engines. You also can make lots of changes without knowing code.

Most importantly, it lays out the Adsense ads in the way Google suggests, helping to maximize your income possibilities, which also means you don’t need as much web traffic to make good money online.

With the CTR theme, you can also integrate social media easily for those all important “social signals” that the search engines want.

Finally, and the most important piece of online success is high quality, useful content that your web site visitors will want to read and share with their social network. When you can engage your visitors and keep them on your site, you will maximize your organic search rankings and boost your Adsense income.

Having to have all that content is what stops most people but there is a simple solution, even if you can’t write, don’t have the time to write all the content yourself or like me, English isn’t your first language.

That solution is With this service, you can get high quality content written quickly at a very affordable price.

All you need to do is open an account and submit the topic keyword. You can order one article at a time or a whole bunch. You get to select the word count and how many times you want the keyword phrase in the article.

You can include special instructions for the style of the article, whether or not you want extra research for the article and you can even ask for 24 hour turnaround.

If you pay a little more you can even request that only writers with four and five star feedback ratings write your articles for you.

With all these options, you’ll get the exact type of high quality article that you want at a reasonable price, and it could earn you income on your web site for years to come.

To make a great income with Adsense, you don’t need to be a talented writer, you don’t even need English as a first language, you just need to get all the income generating ,high quality content you’ll ever need. And you’ll no longer have to get up early and make that terrible commute in bad traffic to a job you don’t like!

Generating income online can be a very simple formula. A great looking web site with Adsense Ads (the CTR Theme) that is easy to use, combined with high quality content that your visitors will love (, equals money!

In its simplest terms it’s CTR Theme + = Money from Google Adsense

This is what I use to generate a full time income online and English isn’t even my first language!

Now you know the secret to my online success.

Give them a try and see for yourself.

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