Socrates Theme 5.0 WordPress released – What is New

If you’re a WordPress user, be prepared to be wowed by the sleek design and efficient functionality of the Socrates Theme 5.0. If you want to tap into all the advantages that WordPress has to offer with this easy-to-use theme, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of options to fully customize and implement your ideas and accomplish your online marketing goals. Whether you just want to set up a simple blog or you’re looking to represent an entire firm to drive traffic and sales, the Socrates Theme 5.0 has a number of layouts and templates that can fit your needs. From sidebars and contact forms to Google Maps and drop-down menus, the possibilities for an impressive page that will charm visitors are endless.

Socrates Theme Single License

The most budget-friendly option is for a one-time price of only $37. The upside to this deal is the low cost, but the downside is that it only comes with one installation. This means it’s perfect for single users who need a one-time solution for their only site, but individuals who want to expand would do well to find a more accommodating package.


Socrates Theme Unlimited License

Our mid-sized option is perhaps the most popular at $67. The difference between this package and the lower grade setup is that you’ll have full access to install and associate this theme with an unlimited number domains. For users that want multiple sites with the familiarity of utilizing the same platform for each, this is the ideal option. The only downside is that it’s not intended for commercial use.


Socrates Theme Developers License

The client/developer option comes with all the perks as the previous two packages, including the ability to use it with an unlimited number of domains, but this option also lets you use the theme for client sites all for the low price of $147. As its name suggests, this operates perfectly within the rules of our commercial usage policy and is the ultimate choice for developers looking to meet clients’ needs.


Socrates Theme 5.0 Benefits

Every package we offer includes great support for when you run into issues or have questions, a header generator in order to produce the best-looking feel right off the bat and numerous tutorials for you to learn how to customize, maintain and perform a wide range of other tasks quickly and accurately. The Socrates Theme 5.0 truly is the solution for making web design fun and easy while having the most aesthetically pleasing Internet presence that you can dream up! Don’t hesitate to start experiencing the advantages to this platform. Get started today.